Theatre Conservatory

Be a performer.

Go deep, find your process, and use it beyond the audition room. Our graduate Theatre Conservatory program will introduce you to advanced acting methods and allow you to use them in a variety of real-world scenarios. By working on Monlogues, One-Acts, and a Full-Length Play, you’ll test the waters and gain real world experience in front of an audience, which allows you take take your talents to a whole new level.

Program Overview

SchoolCreative’s Theatre Conservatory graduate acting program offers one of the most elite level opportunities to develop a true process for stage that will allow you to confidently prepare and deliver performances for roles of all sizes and styles. This program is reserved for the top students from our undergraduate acting program.

Actors will be showcased for agents and casting directions with multiple live stage performances.

The Theatre Conservatory program is an opportunity to build upon the skills learned in the undergraduate Acting for Film, Television & Voice-Over program, providing you a true process and an extended set of skills to be prepared for roles of any size.