Screenwriting For Film & TV

Be a Screenwriter.

All great films start on the page.

Program Overview

Knowing how to turn that great story idea into a script that sells is equal parts art, science, and business. Screenwriters are the architects of a film, writing and designing the blueprint that every other part of the filmmaking process is built upon.

The 12-month Screenwriting for Film & TV diploma program empowers students to take their ideas from concept to fleshed-out reality, harness their creative abilities, write at a professional level, and know how to effectively market their scripts. But becoming a great writer is only half the battle. We’ll also provide you with the essential business know-how required to write for a living. Through practical hands-on work, deadline-driven projects, and regular critique from fellow screenwriters, graduates of this program will leave with both experience writing in a variety of formats and the business savvy required to make a living in the screenwriting industry.