Jens Kristian Balle

Jens Kristian Balle is an award winning Vancouver based photographer who creates contemporary and conceptual imagery for the modern advertising, commercial, entertainment and editorial clients such as TAXI, Telus, Universal Pictures, Rogers Communications, Rethink, The Wall Street Journal, TC Transcontinental, Dow Jones & Company, Coast Capital Savings, Western University, Financial Times and Canadian Business Magazine.

Jens originates from Scandinavia, he is very tall, and yes, he is blond and blue eyed as well. Rumour has it that he even gets his hair cut… sometimes at least.

He is quite a perfectionist and kind of a control freak, yet he is humble, pleasant, understanding and has a thing for problem solving.

Jens doesn’t take pictures but rather creates them, in them he tells stories and brings ideas to life using his clean and graphic style, which is strongly inspired by his Scandinavian roots.



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