Aaron Aubrey

I don’t have your stereotypical ‘how I became a photographer’ story, because in all honesty,
my life has been far from stereotypical..

I moved from Calgary to Vancouver on 3 days notice to obtain a degree in audio engineering. After that, I took off to Japan to teach English, write music, and oh…buy my first camera. When I came back to Canada, I enrolled in post secondary education, seeking a degree in East Asian Studies so that I could get a full working visa for Japan. Well, those plans fell through when I was taking PHOTO 1100 at Langara College as an elective. My prof, seeing that I really enjoyed shooting photos lent me Joe McNally’s “The Moment It Clicks”  I read the book in 2 days, dropped out of school and started assisting professional photographers to learn my craft. Call me crazy. 3 years after that, I took off to India to take some portraits and network with the fashion and advertising industry. It was hot, difficult, and definitely one of the best things I could’ve ever done in my life. You can read a little interview about me and my India experience HERE.

I’m now back in Vancouver, settled into a studio in Gastown, and am excited to create work for my clients, which span from actors and business people seeking headshots, to companies looking to showcase their products, to fashion designers looking to make their mark on the industry with the help of my images.

While being personable and professional, I’m also a laid back guy who can get along with just about anybody, loves a whole heap of different music, and enjoys skateboarding on my time off from the studio.

Ohh, and I also loooove coffee, so send me note if you’d love to grab a coffee to chat about your photographic needs, and how I can help you to create the images that you are looking for!


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