Peter MacAdams

Peter graduated film school in 1996 and immediately went on to work as an animator for Marv Newland at his studio, International Rocketship ltd, a working relationship that has continued for the past 12 years. Throughout that time he has worked mainly as a freelance animator for many animation studios in Vancouver on commercials, tv series, shorts, and whatever else Peter could get his hands on. In 2001, Peter made two short films, My Friend Max and Explodium, which were produced by Marv Newland at International Rocketship. Both films have been screened in various festivals and on tv throughout the world. In 2004, Peter worked as an animator on John K’s Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon at Carbunkle Cartoons, where he shared an office with longtime friend, Cory Evans. Shortly after that, Cory and Peter decided to start their own animation company and in 2006, Sketch Engine Studio was formed. Since then, they have been working as much as possible to balance teaching animation classes and freelance work with the demands of creating a new studio.

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