Course Purpose:

Voice-Over is one of the fastest growing areas of Vancouver’s Film and Television industry. In The Acting for Film, Television and Voice-Over program, students will receive hands-on training from some of Vancouver’s top voice actors. These instructors will introduce the students to all of the essential aspects of this fun and exciting discipline. Over the course of the program students will develop a number of skills that are crucial to the voice-over artist. Students will also be shown how these skills are valuable to the on-camera actor.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

Students will learn the fundamentals of voice work including:

  • Executing proper microphone technique
  • Creating and developing multiple voices
  • Finding triggers that allow you to recall all of your voices on command
  • Using proper breathing and warm up techniques
  • Applying text analysis
  • Working an audition checklist
  • Using vocal resonators
  • Developing business strategies for the voice-over industry
  • Creating a brand
  • Finding and working with the right agent

At the end of the term, students will receive a professional voice-over demo that can be used to submit for paid work.

Course Activities:

In this course students will explore voice-over theory and technique through lecture and demonstration. Students will also work frequently, lab-style, in the voice-over booths. Throughout the course students are exposed to the key ingredients that are imperative to both commercial and animation voice work. Each class block students will work with a variety of materials in preparation for the creation of their voice demos.

Course Texts:

Word of Mouth by Susan Blu

Supplies and Equipment:

Students will need pen, pencils, a notebook and a binder for sides. They will have access to and use of our three state-of-the-art voice-over booths both during class time and outside of classroom hours. Flash drives will be useful for storing recorded work.

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