US Dialect

Course Purpose:

A mainstay of the Vancouver Film and Television industry, and increasing in volume around the world, is work for the US market. As such, one of the biggest requests from casting directors is for actors to have developed skill in performing with the US Dialect. All actors looking to audition for roles in US destined productions are expected to have a firm grasp on Americanized accents. In The Acting for Film, Television and Voice-Over program, the US Dialect course will give students the necessary training to feel confident with a skill in high demand. Students will have the opportunity to work with some of North America’s top dialect coaches to get the extra edge they need when auditioning.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

In this course, students will learn all of the essential skills that actors both new and experienced need to know including:

  • Using American intonation
  • Developing American muscularity and resonance
  • Producing American vowel pronunciations
  • Identifying picky pronunciations
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
Course Activities:

In the US Dialect course students are exposed to the key ingredients of the Standard American Dialect. Students will work with both analyzing text and, lab-style, exploring pronunciation and other sounds common to the US Dialect.

Course Texts:

In addition to instructor handouts students will use Acting with an Accent: American Accent for Canadian Actors or a suitable substitute for non-Canadian students.

Supplies and Equipment:

Notebook, binder, pen and paper.

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