Text Analysis

Course Purpose:

In this course students will be equipped with the ability to read performable text (stage plays, screenplays, audition sides, etc.) and apply the information provided (which is inherent, but not always apparent) to their performances at an industry standard.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

Some of the skills students will develop during this course are:

  • Mining text for information to portray a character
  • Verbalizing punctuation with intention and specificity
  • Identifying symbolism, genre, stage directions and other elements in a variety of styles of writing
  • Extracting from text both explicit and intrinsic facts about characters
  • Clarifying a character’s objectives, super objective, obstacles and tactics
  • Identifying beats and beat changes within scenes
  • Developing backstory
Course Activities:

Students will be guided through a variety of exercises and assignments designed to enhance their ability to work with all information available to them in performable text. They will explore a variety of materials from song lyrics to scenes from stage and screen. They will analyze these materials and connect that analysis to elements of their own performance. They will also observe and identify these elements in the performances of others.

Supplies and Equipment:

Notebook, binder, pen and pencil will be needed for note taking and script marking.

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