Story & Creativity Fundamentals

Course Purpose

In the “Story & Creativity Fundamentals” Module, students will learn to clarify an idea they don’t quite have yet, identify if their idea is thorough enough to be a movie or series, transition from “what they want to say” to “how to say it”, problem solve, and initiate a step by step process that transitions idea into a full script.

Course Goals and Outcomes

Students will learn to confidently and comprehensively apply acting tools to create unique, distinct and relevant characters. Students will explore physical, emotional, intellectual and imaginative commitment, where the specific intent is to challenge each student’s ability. Student-specific challenges will be identified and additionally will form the basis of independent learning goals.

Course Activities

Students are issued a written exam after completing this introductory module. Teachers will read and evaluate the spec scripts and pre-draft notes, outlines and documents, which contain all of the elements mentioned in the Learning Objectives / Outcomes.

Course Texts

How to Write a Movie in 21 Days – Viki King

Supplies and Equipment

Laptop with course specific software and access to a printer and the internet.

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