Speak the Speech

Course Purpose:

“Speak the Speech” refers to the famous speech from Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which Hamlet gives direction and advice to a group of actors whom has enlisted to play for the court of Denmark. Students in The Acting for Film, Television and Voice-Over program will analyze this iconic piece to learn the basics of how to perform in front of an audience, practice pronunciation, and visit the roots of performance.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

This course teaches the fundamentals of the monologue as well as the key tools required to engage an audience.

  • Defining beats and tactics
  • Identifying areas of tension and habitual movement
  • Discovering a relaxed delivery
  • Breathing through nerves
  • Focusing on the task at hand
  • Simplifying your performance
Course Activities:

The course will involve lecture, and exercises designed to add clarity, depth and meaning to the text.

Supplies and Equipment:

Notebook, binder, pen and pencil.

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