Scene Study

Course Purpose:

In Scene Study students will delve deep into performance; exploring character, story, and setting. They will discover how to create and utilize Stakes, Status, and Relationship in their scene work. Students will learn to play within a scene and how to discover Parallels. Students will also discover the layers of scenes that will assist in enhancing their interpretive skills. Working with multiple scene partners, students will explore a number of scenes from a variety of genres over the course of the term.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

Students will be able to identify, explore, define and utilize:

  • The Words – Using the fundamentals of Text Analysis students will be guided to ask the questions: “What is the scene about?” “What are the facts of the scene?” “What are the beats of the scene?” and how to use Objectives, Before & After Moments and Parallels.
  • The Actions – Students will “verb” the scene through the use of action words. They will explore using different tactics, specific actions and breaking down each line to explore their character’s behavior.
  • The Emotional Life – Students will explore personal connection with the scene using: Personalization, Substitution, As Ifs, Stakes, Status and Relationship.
  • The Physical Life – Students will be instructed to create their character’s physical world using: Physical Characteristics, Movement, Environment, Dialect, Props, Wardrobe.

Course Activities:

The course is made up of lecture, analysis assignments and partner work exploring performance elements. Each block students will be assigned a new scene and paired up to work with a new scene partner or partners.

Course Texts:

Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus
A Practical Handbook for the Actor

Supplies and Equipment:

Notebook, binder, pen and pencil will be needed for note taking and script marking.

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