Portfolio and Business

Course Purpose

This course will gather a students projects & materials and present them in a marketable way via a website, preparing them to find and gain careers in the gaming industry. Also required as part of this class is a personal portfolio piece, allowing students to show off their own personal skills.

Course Goals and Outcomes

Specific areas this course will look at include:

  • Critiquing previous class materials
  • Creation of website to sell student to employers
  • Resumes & Cover letters
  • Applying for jobs
  • Attending career fairs & approaching employers
  • Job interview training
  • Whiteboard interview question technique and practice
  • Setting up your own game company
    • Getting funding
    • Grants
    • Taxation
    • Getting business
    • Marketing
    • Revenue avenues
    • Creating personal portfolio project.
Supplies and Equipment

Students are required to bring the following with them to classes: 3” binder with paper and tabs, notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, calculator. It is required that students have computer access outside of class.

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