Photography Genre Studies

Course Purpose

Photography as a profession covers many different areas and genres. This module seeks to expose students to as many different types of photography as we can cover. Each genre will be explored in historical and contemporary aspects. Careers within each genre will be looked at and experts within those fields will be asked to speak to the students. Finally, each student will have shooting projects dedicated to each genre.

Course Goals and Outcomes

After completion of the instructional hours, the successful student will have been exposed to multiple genres of photography and been given both lectures and practical shooting assignments relating to each genre.

Supplies and Equipment

Any binder, notebook or device for note taking: paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, laptop computer, iPad, etc. Digital SLR Camera, USB jumpdrive, Speedlight Flash. Other equipment specific to the genre being studied – reflectors, extra studio equipment, ND filters, fast glass, etc.

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