Mobile Games

Course Purpose

In this course, students will investigate and design games for mobile platforms, such as cellphones and other handheld devices. It will cover various ways to monetize on your game, and how to track what the user is doing using heuristics.

Course Goals and Outcomes

Specific areas the course will look at include:

  • Design considerations when making mobile games
    • (Designing for short “bursts” of entertainment)
  • Designing for touch
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Monetization
    • Paid, Free to Play, in game purchases, adverts, etc
  • Heuristics
  • Heat maps
  • Keeping your game fresh.
  • Investigations into popular mobile games, and analyzing how and why they’re popular.
Supplies and Equipment

Students are required to bring the following with them to classes: 3” binder with paper and tabs, notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, calculator. It is required that students have computer access outside of class.

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