Layout (Composition and Perspective)

Course Purpose

In this course students will use the skills and knowledge from the Perspective and Composition Courses to develop the skills of a Layout Artist. Layout most often involves interpreting a Storyboard into full size artwork for each scene in a Production. Using the Design pack and Storyboard, the layout artist draws and creates all the background artwork used in animating a scene and creating a colour background including character posing which will help guide the animator. Each Scene must be staged, with camera setup and all elements required including: props, additional BG elements O/L U/L H/C, Character posing, and Effects posing, all necessary to the creation of a shot.

Course Goals and Outcomes

To understand perspective and composition which will enable students to enter into the workforce with essential layout and composition skills.

Course Activities

To understand how to layout shots you need perspective and composition.

A Foundation course in which students will develop drawing skills as they explore the principles of Perspective. Developing an understanding of creating the illusion of Three Dimensions in a 2D Medium is key to designing a good composition. Knowing how the concepts of Horizon line, Vanishing Points, Cone of Vision, and 1, 2 and 3 Point perspective work in achieving this is essential. In all areas from Layout Production to Character animation moving things in three-dimensional space is most successful with a sound understanding of perspective.

Another of the Fundamental courses in which students will develop their drawing and design skills as they are introduced to the Principles of Composition. In the visual medium of Animation getting ideas and stories across clearly and in an entertaining way requires a high degree of understanding in the theory of Composition. Understanding how the selection and arrangement of visual elements within a scene so it expresses an idea or emotion clearly and effectively is key to an engaging composition

Course Texts

Setting the Scene: The Art & Evolution of Animation Layout by Fraser MacLean
Composing Pictures by Donald W. Graham

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