Introduction to 3D Modelling

Course Purpose

This course will introduce the basic concepts of 3D space, modeling, materials, lighting and animation using a popular 3D modelling package. This will give students a solid grounding in 3D concepts that will help them understand 3-Dimensional space when designing games. It will also enable them to create their own simple models for use in their own game prototypes.

Course Goals and Outcomes

Specific areas the course will look at include:

  • Introduction to 3D Modelling software
  • Viewports and Construction Planes
  • Selecting and sculpting a 3D model
  • Applying materials and textures
  • Lighting the scene
  • Basic animation
  • Introduction to shaders
Supplies and Equipment

Students are required to bring the following with them to classes: 3” binder with paper and tabs, notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, calculator. It is required that students have computer access outside of class.

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