Course Purpose:

Improvisation or Improv is an essential element of the craft of acting. This course reviews the foundational tools needed for actors of all levels and in a variety of performance situations. Through a series of games and exercises, students will develop the ability to perform on impulse and with spontaneity.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

Improvisation helps build the actor’s confidence while also allowing for a more intuitive performance.

Areas covered include:

  • Understanding Improv Terminology
  • Accepting and Embracing Offers – “Yes Let’s”
  • Recognizing the pitfalls of Blocking & Wimping
  • Exploring Environment
  • Learning to Listen – eyes, ears and body
  • Embracing Simplicity
  • Finding Objectives, Stakes, and Tactics
  • Developing the craft of Storytelling
Course Activities:

This course is light on theory and is made up of games and exercises designed to get students on their feet, acting and interacting. To allow students to explore a variety of performance elements, they will have opportunity to work independently, in a pair and as an ensemble to develop this craft.

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