Half-Hour Sitcom

Course Purpose

Students will construct a spec script for a half-hour comedy series. They will learn how to professionally format their scripts and incorporate the elements required of this format.

Course Goals and Outcomes

In the “Half-Hour Comedy” Module, students will be able to:

  • Construct a single camera or multi-camera script in a professional format • Identify the series that best represents their creative talents
  • Play various key roles in a writers’ room environment
Course Activities

Students are evaluated by their ability to “defend their structural points” in a verbal exam with the instructor on their half-hour comedy spec project.
Teachers will read and evaluate the spec scripts and pre-draft notes, outlines and documents, which contain all of the elements mentioned in the Learning Objectives / Outcomes.

Course Texts

The TV Writer’s Workbook: A Creative Approach to Television Scripts

Supplies and Equipment

Laptop with course specific software and access to a printer and the internet.

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