Feature Film

Course Purpose

Students will learn to define and create the structural DNA of the traditional three-act script and the importance of structure in each step of the story building process. They will build a feature film script from idea, to logline, to 15 beats, to 40 scene cards, to a first draft. This module will provide the student with a “spec” feature film script in the genre of their choosing.

Course Goals and Outcomes

Upon completion of the “Feature Film” Module, students will be able to:

  • Identify and Implement the four winning elements of every logline
  • Apply the seven immutable laws of screenplay physics
  • Recognize the 10 genres tat every movie that’s ever been made can be categorized by – and articulate why they are important to any script.
  • Create a writing schedule and work within it to create measured content within specific deadlines and timeframes.
  • Identify the 15 beats that are in every movie
  • Apply the 15 beats that need to be in every movie into their original stories
  • Evaluate and Repair areas of a story that require more specificity and/or structure

At the end of this course a student will be able to construct a feature film script.

Course Activities

Students are evaluated by their ability to “defend their structural points” in a verbal exam with the instructor on the following components of the spec feature film project:

  1. The Enhanced Logline
  2. The Poster
  3. The 15 Beats
  4. The 40 Scene Cards
  5. The First Draft

Teachers will read and evaluate the spec scripts and pre-draft notes, outlines and documents, which contain all of the elements mentioned in the Learning Objectives / Outcomes.

Course Texts

Save the Cat – By Blake Snyder
Save the Cat: Goes to the Movies – By Blake Snyder

Supplies and Equipment

Laptop with course specific software and access to a printer and the internet

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