Feature Film II

Course Purpose

Students will learn the steps, science and strategies involved in assessing drafts, fixing plot holes, completing subplots, inserting set ups and pay offs, ensuring each character has a unique voice and straightening the spine of their “A” plot.

Course Goals and Outcomes

Upon completion of the “Feature Film II” Module, students will be able to:

  • Identify the difference between structure and formula
  • Track the hero’s growth step by step
  • Identify the 7 warning signs you might have a great idea – or not
  • Generate an effective Logline
  • Utilize a 5 question template to ensure your story’s spine is straight
  • Generate and Administer a checklist that gets to the heart of every development issue • Articulate a 5-Point finale to finish any story
  • Understand and Incorporate notes, deal with problematic Producers and dive into a rewrite with the right attitude.
  • Identify the potential greatness in any story
  • Avoid panic, doubt, and self-recrimination of your ideas, drafts and pitches.

At the end of this course a student will be able to construct a feature film script.

Course Activities

Students are evaluated by their ability to “defend their structural points” in a verbal exam with the instructor on the following components of the spec feature film project:

  1. The Enhanced Logline
  2. The Poster
  3. The 15 Beats
  4. The 40 Scene Cards
  5. The First Draft

Teachers will read and evaluate the spec scripts and pre-draft notes, outlines and documents, which contain all of the elements mentioned in the Learning Objectives / Outcomes.

Course Texts

Save the Cat: Goes to the Movies – Blake Snyder
Save the Cat: Strikes Back – Blake Snyder

Supplies and Equipment

Laptop with course specific software and access to a printer and the internet

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