Environment / Layout and Background Design

Course Purpose

In this course students will apply the skills and knowledge from the Perspective, Composition & Visual Development Courses in further developing their abilities and proficiency exploring the principles and techniques of Environment / Layout & Background design covered in this course. These skills are crucial for designing the “look” of a film and essential in creating the environment of each scene. From script, thumbnails, concept design, environmental modeling to finished artwork students will learn how to visually communicate and creatively execute their ideas.

Course Goals and Outcomes

Having strong drawing skills, with an extensive knowledge of different styles, architecture, landscapes, and character design are necessary. A solid understanding of light, shadow and color is also essential. Being able to interpret a script, understand a storyboard, adapt from other mediums are all necessary skills in this position. Understanding and developing these skills is key, as a student will need to be able to work within a wide variety of styles, essential to designing on any type of Production. Understanding storyboards, staging, camera setup, VFX are all key areas important to master in this position. Knowledge in many areas are essential including, interior environments, exterior environments, creating illusions of depth, basic matte painting, camera action and displacement prop, effects, and ideas for creating mood and atmosphere.

Course Activities

The course is fully contained within the classroom setting: there are no written assignments.

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