Digital Photography Workflow and Post Processing

Course Purpose

With the sheer numbers of photographs that digital photographers take, an organized plan for file handling, culling, back-up, post processing and delivery is essential to the time management of the photographer. This course will teach file (photograph) handling workflow from the moment of capture to final delivery to the client and archiving.

Course Goals and Outcomes

After completion of the instructional hours, the successful student will have a solid plan and knowledge base in place for the handling of photographic files from the card in the camera, to digital processing and delivery to the client and finally to back-up and archiving.

Supplies and Equipment

Any binder, notebook or device for note taking: paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, laptop computer, iPad, etc. Digital SLR Camera, USB jumpdrive, 2 x 1TB external hard drive, USB card reader, home computer with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (educational discounts can be provided).

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