Character Design

Course Purpose:

Most animated productions are character based. Whether you’re an animator, storyboard artist or visual development artist, having strong Character design skills are essential. This course covers both fundamental and advanced 2D and 3D character design where students will learn the necessary principles, professional techniques, terms and procedures used in the creation of appealing characters, whether through interpreting scripts, outlines or other media. Students will learn to apply 2D Character Design skills developing 3D characters and the relationship between rigging, modeling, texturing and lighting.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

Disciplines of Character Design including strong posing, Appeal, Line of Action, Proportion, Balance, Stereotype, Complimentary and Contrasting style will be demonstrated. Such Principles and the use of elements regarding: form, function, space, line, color, shape, texture and value with the emphasis on stylized character design will be covered.

Course Activities:

The course is fully contained within the classroom setting: there are no written assignments.

Course Texts:

Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in 1950s Animation by Amid Amidi
Prepare to Board! Creating Story and Characters for Animated Features and Shorts by Nancy Beiman
Force: Character Design from Life Drawing by Mike Mattesi
* Any “Art of” book from Pixar

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