Course Outline:

The professional actor needs to put equal energy into both their craft and their business. While the former is intuitive for most actors, the latter is often overlooked. This course focuses on key information that every actor needs to know if they plan to pursue acting as a full-time career.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

The many aspects of the film, television and voice-over business that will be covered range from personal goal setting to getting an agent. Students will learn how to properly brand themselves and set clearly defined goals. They will leave the course having created a business strategy to further their efforts in film, television and voice-over.

Topics covered include:

  • Navigating “The Industry”
  • Managing the difference between “Brand” and “Hit”
  • Differentiating between Union (SAG, Equity, UBCP, ACTRA) & Non-Union work
  • Defining and establishing relationships with “The Crew”
  • Working with Agents & Managers
  • Maximizing the casting process
  • Planning for “The Job”: Booking, Working, and Following Up
  • Generating opportunities for networking & self-promotion
  • Creating systems for record keeping & accounting
Course Activities:

During this course students will work with a variety of media platforms on the internet and they will have written assignments. They will also work with role-play and give oral presentations on research assignments. Instructional strategies will include lecture, discussion, group presentation, and photo assignments as well as guest speakers.

Course Resources:

The instructor will provide handouts, and materials via social media to be reviewed before class. In addition numerous industry professionals will be scheduled as guest speakers.

Supplies and Equipment:

In addition to notebook, binder, pen and pencil, students are encouraged (but not required) to bring laptop computers with wifi capability to class. Students will have access to wifi during class.

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