Beginner Improvisation

Course Description:

In the “Beginning Improvisation” module, students will learn to identify the basic building blocks of theatrical improvisation: focus, give and take and the three main parts to an improvisation: Who, What and Where. With these building blocks intact, the students will be able to perform an ensemble, beginning improvisational scene of 3-5 minutes.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

By the end of these 54 hours of instruction, students will be able to perform beginner level 3-5 minute improvisational scenes without side-coaching from an instructor. Give and take will be clearly performed by the student with minimal over-talking. Information delivered on-stage will be utilized efficiently with minimal information loss.

Course Texts:


Supplies and Equipment:

Any binder, notebook or device for note taking: paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, laptop computer, iPad, etc.

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