Auditioning for Film & Television

Course Purpose:

This course focuses on the processes of the Audition Room – the place professional actors spend much of their time. Students will learn how to prepare and feel comfortable in the auditioning environment.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

Students will learn that the audition is much more than just the performing of their sides. The audition actually begins the moment they enter the casting facility and does not conclude until they leave it. Areas covered include:

  • Using the 4 Rules of Auditioning
  • Selecting wardrobe & props and the etiquette of their use
  • Demonstrating the ability to take direction
  • Defining Eyelines & Blocking
  • Building relationships with Casting Directors and Assistants
  • Performing scenes with a reader instead of monologues at a reader
  • Breaking a script down using “The Seven”
  • Exploring Obstacles and Tactics
  • Using Parallels in audition prep
  • Prepping emotional material
  • Honing cold reading skills
Course Activities:

Students will work independently preparing sides they receive 24 to 48 hours in advance of class. They will use a variety of preparation strategies including “The Seven”. Students will “audition” these prepared pieces initially to the class with no camera. As the course progresses, students will explore the techniques required to audition on camera. Some classes will focus on cold reading audition technique with sides distributed at the beginning of those classes.

Course Texts:

Students will use “The Seven” handout and audition sides provided by SchoolCreative as well as The Practical Handbook for Actors and Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus as resources.

Supplies and Equipment:

Students will need pen, pencils, a notebook, a binder for sides and internet access for research. This course takes place in a professional casting studio room equipped with industry approved camera, computer, and lighting. Flash drives will be useful for storing recorded work.

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