Advanced Projects 1 & 2

Course Purpose

In the final two terms each student will learn the procedures involved in the planning and execution of a project by producing one 30 second professional quality project utilizing one of the 3D Animation Production components – Animation / Modeling / VFX and supported by the other two components. These projects will incorporate all the areas and skills attained in Terms 1 – 4 and follow milestones and deadlines adhering to a Studio style Production Pipeline from Pre Production to Post Production, from idea stage all the way to a full colour animated production. Further advanced instruction continues, assisting them with classes and instruction which include advanced Character animation, Storyboard, Visual Development, Acting for Animation as well as Editing and Voiceover Prep, Sound Design and Music Production.

Course Goals and Outcomes

Students will have a complete understanding of creating an animation from beginning to end. This will give students valuable experience as they head out into the industry.

Course Activities

Advanced Projects 1 – 200 hrs
Choose 1 of 3 CG Animation Production components to produce to produce a 30 second Final Project
Animation / VFX / Modeling ( and supported with the other two)
Pre-Production Development (Concept / Pitch / Design / Storyboard) (40 hrs)
Storyboard production (20 hrs)
Animatic production (15 hrs)
Production (Animation / Modeling / VFX) (105 hrs)
Acting for Animation 2 (20 hrs)

Advanced Projects 2 – 175 hrs
Production (Animation / Modeling / VFX) (105 hrs)
FX / Camera / Final Renders / Editing / Composites (40 hrs)
Post Production
Sound (Music/Audio/SFX) – (15 hrs)
Editing (15 hrs)

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