3D Animation

Course Purpose

Classical Animation
This course introduces the student to the fundamental principles, skills and techniques of Traditional 2D Animation. All of which play an important part in preparing an Animator in developing the skills and techniques of 3D CG Animation. Through a series of practical assignments and exercises designed to demonstrate the fundamentals of animation, students will further their understanding of the principles of timing, anticipation, squash and stretch, follow-through and overlapping action. In addition to the core animation assignments, other areas covered include terminology, language and details of the Studio Production Pipeline.

3D Animation (3D Animation/ Rigging)
In this intensive course students will apply the principles from Classical Animation 1, exploring the skills and techniques of CG Animation from fundamental to advanced animation. Creating solid character animation with emotion, personality and believable performance is paramount. Students will become proficient in sophisticated software tools, learning skills and techniques that allow them to bring their characters to life. Topics covered include F-curves, Inverse Kinematics and the importance the “rig” plays in good animation.

Acting for Animation
This course introduces the student to the Principles of character, acting technique and storytelling, with a primary focus on acting in relationship to character animation. Bringing animated characters to life requires instilling emotion and personality to characters; giving them the ability to “think” and giving them convincing acting are all essential for believable characters and performance. Areas covered include pantomime, movement, rhythm, motivation, characterization, gesture, body language, facial expressions and comedic timing.

Course Goals and Outcomes

To provide students the skill to enable them to do character animation in a studio environment. We provide a basic understanding of traditional animation, CG and acting.

Course Activities

The course is fully contained within the classroom setting: there are no written assignments.

Course Texts

Disney Animation The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston

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